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Our Bitcoin Cash House in Wa, Ghana invites you to discover the opportunities of using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for your financial transactions. Join our educational courses about the technology and economy behind cryptocurrencies as well as how to efficiently and securely utilize them. You can also learn about the matter in an easy-going environment by joining our Meetups. Feel free to ask us anything about Bitcoin Cash and the global BCH House project. And if you want to reach out to us and our community online, then please join our official Telegram group. Be sure to check out the increasing amount of modular services we provide next to our event management.

Our Service Modules


You want to send or receive money from family and friends abroad? Safarri is the optimal remittance tool. In cooperation with MTN Agents, we accept your BCH and topup your mobile money account in a matter of minutes. You can send us BCH from anywhere in the world and we pay you out in Cedis via MTN. 

If you want cash instead, simply lookup the nearest Safarri operator on our map. He will exchange BCH and GHS for you on the spot. 

Happy Pay

Pay in digital dollars via credit card without anyone but yourself being the custodian of your funds the whole way. The be.cash app and simcard ensure an easy way for you to send and receive USDH stablecoins.

No signup required, it’s completely permissionless! No frozen accounts, no KYC hassle. That is the true power of Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Cash makes it possible. P2P Money for the world . 

You’ll be happy to pay this way. [coming soon]

Vendor Acceptance

We are making sure that merchants and tourist venues accept BCH, so you can conveniently pay for your dinner or hostel room. Cash is king. Bitcoin Cash.

Online Exchange Services

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Our location

N 12 Wa-Bole Road, Bamahu – WA, Upper West Region Ghana – Opposite of Abrabo Fast Food