The Bitcoin Cash House is a global grassroots movement, that aims to educate local merchants, developers and users about the technology and economy behind crypto currencies and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as well as how to efficiently utilize them. Our BCH House is located in Wa, Upper West Region Ghana. The first Bitcoin Cash House created is located in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. We are the second Bitcoin Cash House ever created and proud to be the first one to open its doors in Africa. And we are intending to create many more to come in different Countries around Africa and the entire world.

  • Phone: +233245870928
  • e-mail:
  • Address: N 12 Wa-Bole Road, Bamahu WA, Ghana

We are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocates and want you to learn about the power of the BCH Value Transfer Network as well. With our help, you will learn:

  • How to send money to friends and family anywhere in the world instantly, with negligible fees.
  • The advantages that a crypto currency like Bitcoin Cash has over traditional fiat currencies
  • Best practices of storing and spending crypto currency.
  • How to protect assets and against volatility with stable coins such as USDH, a 1:1 US-Dollar backed token.
  • Finding Jobs – how to find work and get paid in crypto currency.
  • Development – support for developers and future developers to get involved in the development of Bitcoin Cash and dedicated applications.

Next to the basic educational functions of the BCH House, we are increasingly providing tools and services built on top of the BCH network. For that, we’ll remain in direct communication with local merchants to implement financial tools and dedicated financial solutions to also improve on their already existing services. We also offer space for developers and designers as co-working space and periodically host crypto currency related events, meetups and courses.

To be able to expand in other regions, we ensure training courses for people to apply as BCH House Ambassadors. If you are as enthusiastic about Bitcoin Cash as us and like to strengthen your leadership capabilities, we’re happy to give you the opportunity by inviting you to be part of our team.

We are in tight communications with different services and providers of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem from Infrastructure to user application and event organization. Our list of supporters and vital partners is comprised of:

We also want to use this opportunity to thank our private donors and sponsors for all their contributions to our project: 

BCH Adress: qpw0wptyh34sp897xg5nclafufw55gusw5dd9h8485