Safarri BCH Exchange

Bitcoin Cash to local Cash:
Our BCH House and operators in different regions offer an easy and quick Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Ghana Cedis (GHS) exchange. Visit us or one of our operators located around the map and you will receive local cash in exchange for your Bitcoin Cash. Perfect for tourists and travellers, but also useful for cross border payments and remittances and for anyone, who wants to cash out on the BCH they earned over the internet. You can also trade with us online using this referral link: and receive your money via Bank transfer or simple Mobile Money Transfer.

Our operators as of date are located here:

Bitcoin Cash House Ghana, Wa – N12 Wa-Bole Road Bamahu
– (More SAFARRI Operators coming soon)

You have questions about our services or you are interested in partnering with us as a Safarri- and HappyPay Operator? Feel free to contact us.